Admissions To MSI

Admissions Process For MSI (Multi-Sensory Institute)

Admission to MSI is for PNCS students who have been formally diagnosed with a language-based learning difference.


Completing the admission process to PNCS (return to Admissions and click on Admissions to PNCS)


Submit the results of a full educational neuropsychological evaluation for their student(s), completed within the last three years. If you already know your child has dyslexia, please complete our Application for Admission MSI which will provide us with the information we need.


A follow up interview will take place with the student, their parents/guardians, and an admissions team.

MSI’s offerings are designed to support PNCS’s students who have been formally diagnosed with language-based learning differences. Our program is designed to meet the specific needs of students with dyslexia. MSI’s programs are not suitable for all students with learning problems. Learning differences that are not well supported at MSI or PNCS include:

  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Intellectual disability or borderline intellectual disability
  • Emotional disturbance and behavioral conduct disorders