Our Formula for Success

girl reading on bean bag

Four Cornerstones of Learning

The learning environment at the PNCS is based upon four cornerstones:

  1. strong spiritual beliefs and practices
  2. a staff dedicated to serving the needs of all children
  3. instructional methods that accomplish those goals
  4. the students’ families.

Kindness and Honesty

Our starting point is a nurturing environment where students learn the moral and spiritual principles of kindness and honesty. Children learn they can rely on these principles in day-to-day activities providing safety and consistency. This allows students the opportunity to concentrate on learning and becoming good citizens and children of God.

Dedicated Teachers

PNCS teachers have broad experience and backgrounds in teaching in small, multigrade classrooms, and finding out the immediate instructional needs of their students. Our small class sizes mean students do not fall through cracks. We tailor their instruction to meet their individual needs. Since there is no one-size-fits-all approach, PNCS helps children to thrive in areas where they excel and supports them in areas where they are weak.

Research-Proven Teaching Approach

In the 1930’s, Dr. Samuel Orton and Ann Gillingham created a system of language instruction which serves the unique needs of dyslexic children. This system, now called the Orton-Gillingham reading instruction method, uses a multi-sensory approach to teaching phonics in a systematic way, moving at a pace which ensures mastery of a new concept before moving on to the next and reinforcement of learned concepts to insure this information is not lost over time.

All children learn well with this instructional style! Additionally, using the principles of multi-sensory and experiential learning in all classes, not just language, provides fun and engaging learning opportunities throughout the entire school day. It is as much fun to teach this way as it is to learn!

Communication with outside therapists, other teachers, and parents, allows recommendations to be instituted within the school day, dramatically increasing their effectiveness.

Involved Parents

Involved parents are the fourth cornerstone of a successful learning experience at PNCS. You will have the support of PNCS staff in supporting your student to become the strongest and best they can be!

You will be able to understand what is occurring with your child during school hours and coordinate your efforts at home with the staff’s efforts at school, to foster success on all fronts.

If our staff suspects your child may need more reading instruction than the general classroom provides, they will recommend a thorough evaluation to determine what those needs are.

At PNCS we are prepared to move outside the classroom with one-on-one tutoring during the school day as needed by individual students. Other areas of intense instructional need, such as writing and math, frequently accompany reading difficulty. A plan to address your student’s specific needs helps insure their needs are being met.