Pittsburgh New Church School

Since 1885, PNCS has offered a holistic education to children from grades K – 8, focusing on a balance of learning experiences, allowing our students to progress academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Curriculum is designed around a core of hands-on learning experiences coupled to reading, writing, and math instruction. This makes learning fun and effective.

Each day starts with worship and announcements, where children have the opportunity to practice speaking to a group. Then individual classes begin. Learning groups average six students, giving extensive opportunity for individual attention.

Even with snow on the ground, the children have three opportunities a day to play outside. PNCS encourages charity and honesty towards others through multi-aged free play, and duties, which instill a sense of responsibility for our shared learning environment.

Multi-grade classrooms allow a child to advance in areas of academic strength while supporting them in areas of weakness without isolating them from same-age peers. With a focus on learning the skills to think and learn and not just on passive learning of facts, our children have done well in a variety of school settings after their time at PNCS.

If you have specific questions about what your child will experience at PNCS, please contact us directly. We will be happy to talk with you!