Welcome to PNCS/MSI

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Welcome to the Family!

If you have a student with dyslexia, you have a story to tell…

PNCS/MSI has a story too. Our story started with an excellent school, dedicated to providing children with an extraordinary education in the context of Christian values. We’ve grown to serve the unique learning styles of dyslexic children.

Founded in 1885

For more than a hundred years, PNCS has provided children with an excellent education based in firm Christian values. PNCS is an intimate environment with small class sizes, passionate teachers who know their students well, and is a safe place for children to grow and thrive.

One In Five Children Learns Differently

For those children with dyslexia or another language-based learning disability, the challenges of school can be daunting. Some find ways on their own to compensate, but many struggle and under-perform in a traditional learning environment.

Meeting These Children’s Needs

At PNCS/MSI, our dedicated staff witnessed many children with these learning struggles in their classrooms and started asking the critical question: what can we do to teach these children more effectively? It began our journey into discovering teaching methods which are effective for all students, but especially for dyslexic students. With these methods, their learning progressed rapidly.

Orton-Gillingham Training

Our Multi-Sensory Institute began with a few teachers training in Orton-Gillingham reading/tutoring to serve several of our students. It became clear that all children could benefit from the explicit, sequential, diagnostic, and mastery-based language instruction used in this method.


If you walk into a PNCS/MSI classroom today, you will see children learning in small groups. They might be sitting at a desk with paper and pencil or they might be dictating into an ipad. They might be on the rug, tracing letters on the floor, or outside learning math through hopscotch!

Bringing Respect into Every Moment

They will attend worship and incorporate concepts of charity and respect into every other moment of school. They may be going over editing techniques on their latest written piece or they may be editing an oral presentation instead. You will see children of different ages learning and playing together in the same classroom.

Meeting Their Specific Educational Needs

At any given time, children may be receiving one-on-one reading instruction from a trained Orton-Gillingham reading tutor. The same techniques will be used for small group and classroom instruction with other students. Each student will have their unique needs addressed with an initial evaluation and on-going progress monitoring and instruction designed to meet their specific educational needs.