Cyndi Glenn

Cynthia Glenn


Hello, my name is Cyndi Glenn and I have been teaching at the Pittsburgh New Church School (PNCS) for over 20 years. Every year I learn new ways to educate children. I enjoy the challenge of making learning engaging for all my students. I work hard to individualize each child’s learning experiences here at PNCS. My special areas of interest in education are: motivation theory, dyslexia, and Orton-Gillingham reading support, as well as dyscalculia support, and global studies. I earned a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from Hartwick College and then completed master’s degree course work in education and administration at the University of Pittsburgh.

The best things I see at PNCS are that all the kids work together and care for each other like a family. At recess, the kids show and learn genuine caring for each other, especially across the grade levels. The teachers work together with the parents to design an individualized learning program for each child. Our dedicated faculty can be responsive to parent input quickly. No child at PNCS is lost in the shuffle.

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